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A carpet, according to Brintons, is never just a carpet. In fact, for over 200 years, this stellar company has seen it as a way to bring your home to life, helping you to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. And whether you’re choosing a striking pattern or a sumptuous but plain design, Briton’s wool-rich woven carpets will make a stunning addition to your home.

Specialising in woven carpets, Brintons uses expert knowledge to weave the very best quality carpet for you, regardless of the design and pattern.

Whether you’ve recently moved to Cornwall, or are updating your current residence, there’s a good chance that your home near the sea will be your forever home. After all, why would you want to leave Cornwall? This makes Brintons approach to design all the more important. Inspected by eye twice, and finished by hand before it leaves the factory, a traditional approach to design, manufacture and finishing is very much at the heart of every Brintons carpet. As they say, sometimes the old ways are the best!

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