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Cormar Carpets understand the importance of the home. It’s a sanctuary, a haven away from the outside world. Here in Cornwall, it’s often a celebration of the beautiful surroundings too, and after a day spent out in the elements, there’s nothing like retreating to your own little slice of paradise, made all the more comfortable with beautiful carpeting.

The right carpet can lay down the true fabric and character of any home. It’s the final piece that completes the look and feel, and really sets the tone for the heart of your home. At Cormar, this is what it’s all about – creating the final piece in the puzzle to make your new, current or dream home just right.

Cormar’s award-winning carpets are lovingly made using the finest wool or man-made fibres, and the manufacturers go the extra mile at their Lancashire mills to ensure the highest standards of quality, just as you would expect when laying the foundations for your dream home by the sea.

To find out more, be sure to contact us via the form below.

Cormar Carpet_Apollo Meteorite.png
Cormar Carpet_Supernova Linwood.png
Cormar Carpet_Hamstead Fossil.png
Cormar Carpet_Inglewood Saxony Peak Frost.png
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