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V4 is a family run business based in the South of England that has been providing quality hardwood flooring for over three generations. Its signature range is strengthened using precision-cut, multi-ply assortments of birch, pine, poplar, or spruce, which are layered into a strong base, ready to be topped with your hardwood of choice. This top layer is called the ‘lamella’ and not only provides sustained durability long-term, but also a beautifully rich finish.

Engineered wood flooring offers the same unbeatable look of hardwood, but at a fraction of the cost. Traditional hardwood options can be very expensive and can require constant maintenance and repair. Engineered wood flooring is an easy-going alternative with added durability, but with the charm and elegance of hardwood.

V4 also produces Natureffect laminate wood floors. Made from natural pine, compressed to form a dense and stable base on which perfect renditions of hardwood boards are imprinted and then sealed with grain textured ultra durable coating, the result is a hardwearing collection of floors that bring the warmth and beauty of real wood into your home. 

Whichever V4 flooring you desire, you can rest assured they are designed to be at once beautiful, reflecting you Cornish home's surroundings, and designed to stand up to everything the coastal lifestyle can throw at it. 

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