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Believing strongly in British craftsmanship, embedded in the Brockway workforce is the expertise of generations of carpet makers – the sons and daughters of previous staff, bearing the torch of their forebears and continuing their legacy of craftsmanship and even now, never compromising on their use of the highest quality materials and traditional manufacturing methods.

These have been refined and honed over a period of 50 years – a culmination of the expertise and skill of highly trained personnel, working alongside the country’s leading designers and colourists to offer a range that appeals to homeowners across the UK.

Here in Cornwall, being so close to the coast is certainly a dream come true for many, but when at Atlantic gale is blowing outside; when the temperatures have dropped in the depths of winter, what could be better than the soft, luxurious comfort of a wool carpet to instil a comforting sense of warmth. It simply can’t be beaten. 

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