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Mineral Grey Cormar | South West Carpets


Cormar’s award-winning carpets are lovingly made using the finest wool or man-made fibres, and the manufacturers go the extra mile at their Lancashire mills to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Axminster | South West Carpets


Woven to order, Axminster Carpets has been synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship for over 250 years. In fact, it is Britain’s oldest carpet designer and manufacturer, and almost certainly its best known.

Westex | South West Carpets


Westex Carpets are favoured by those hoping to inject a little colour into their home décors, but without wanting to compromise on the traditional comfort and warmth that only a carpet can offer.

Ultra Ice Dance _ Abingdon.jpg


At Abingdon, it is firmly believed that everyone should be able to choose their carpet with both style and comfort in mind. But it goes further than that. They also believe that practical performance should come assured at no extra cost.

Beachcomber Brockway | South West Carpets


Believing strongly in British craftsmanship, embedded in the Brockway workforce is the expertise of generations of carpet makers – the sons and daughters of previous staff, bearing the torch of their forebears and continuing their legacy of craftsmanship.

Padstow Pebble Brintons | South West Carpets


Specialising in woven carpets, Brintons uses expert knowledge to weave the very best quality carpet for you, regardless of the design and pattern.

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