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Waterproof, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. These are the four main benefits of a Karndean Floor, but in truth, it goes much further than that. At Karndean, the team sees flooring differently.


They travel the world on a quest to bring you exceptional floors that both inspire and delight. From the ancient forests of Europe, to the remote Australian outback and beyond, the designers seek expressive and intriguing forms in the natural world to influence their unique floor patterns, and by combining these original features with cutting edge design, what they’re able to create are simply beautiful floors that you’ll love for a lifetime. Ranges include Art Select Wood and Stone, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Opus, Knight Tile, Heritage, Kaleidoscope, Looselay and Korlok, each of which can be seen in the images below.

The Karndean ethos centres on the fact that ‘life is lived’ on your floors, which is why their floors are designed for everyday life. It’s a simple mantra to operate by, but so important here in the Duchy for homeowners who are hoping to realise their dream home décor whilst safeguarding it against the rigours of a life exploring coast and countryside.

If you’re looking for flooring ideas but are unsure where to start, Karndean has updated its interactive room viewer with a revolutionary function which provides greater flexibility when choosing your new floor design. 

The ‘view in room’ digital tool not only lets you see Karndean's wide range of vinyl flooring in typical room settings, but you can now upload your own photo and visualise what a new floor might look like in your own home.

Ideal for home decorators and interior designers, the flooring visualiser provides not just room inspiration but realistic imagery of different flooring designs in actual rooms. Whether you’re looking for wood or stone or abstract flooring, the Floorstyle tool allows you to visualise Karndean vinyl planks and tiles helping you to decide what suits your home interior.



To find out more, be sure to contact us via the form below.

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