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If you’ve ever considered updating your home interior before, then chances are you’ve heard of Amtico. Creators of designer flooring for your home, Amtico’s range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) ensure that whatever your style, you’ll find a finish that’s perfect for every room in your home.

The benefit of LVT is that it gives you the freedom to create your dream floor with a seemingly endless variety of finishes and patterns. And whether your style is traditional or contemporary – whether yours is a traditional Cornish cottage in the countryside, or an ultramodern home right on the ocean’s edge – you’ll be sure to find a perfect Amtico floor for your home.

Wherever it is that you live in Cornwall, from the sand-fringed shores of the Atlantic to the rolling countryside between coasts, a life spent exploring the outdoors is inevitably hard on our floors, and LVT is the perfect, easy-to-maintain solution for that. But you should never have to sacrifice style for practicality, and thankfully, with Amtico, you’ll never have to!

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