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Create unique feature flooring

Explore a variety of design options thanks to South West Carpets, and create your unique feature flooring today.

If you are redesigning your current home, or starting fresh with a new one, at some point you will have to decide which flooring to go for. This is not an easy feat! The flooring in any home and any room is such an important part. It’s where you play Lego with the kids on a Sunday afternoon. It’s where you roll around with the puppy when you get home from work. It’s where you sit with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Understanding the versatility of unique feature flooring will make your life that much easier.

At South West Carpets, our range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Amtico Flooring will level up your design game to create the ultimate feature floor in any room of your home. Most people wouldn’t normally consider mixing and matching flooring. Maybe they would overlay a wood/tile floor with a feature rug. Or perhaps laying carpet and tile side by side in an open plan space. At South West Carpets we think outside of the box and have created unique feature flooring ideas that will inspire and refresh any home.

Amtico  Statement Flooring around fireplace

Geometry meets classic

By making the floor the feature, home owners can infuse their favourite rooms with a multitude of colours and designs to bring out their personality. Creating a rug effect is a particularly popular design hack. To do this, you simply pair a heavily patterned tile with a modest plain one. Simple! Using a geometric tile for example. Tiles like this are perfect for those boho chic homes that crave a little modernity and exoticism. Laying this around the base of your dining table, surrounded by a simple wood, like oak, combines the perfect blend of angular and organic. Suited to homes that enjoy an understated colour palette but a bold design to really draw people in.

Colour meets class

The kitchen is undoubtedly the centerpiece of most homes. It’s a place where families congregate at the end of a weekday, or the beginning of a weekend. A place where meals are cooked, eaten and laughed over. Where tough conversations happen and where gossip is shared. So why not make it unique? Especially popular with homeowners and designers who have installed a kitchen island unit, a design combination that incorporates a splash of colour makes your unique feature flooring dreams come to life.

Take a look at this example, using tiles from Amtico, Victorian Star Edison. An intrinsic pattern that blends warm terracotta alongside a cool pebble grey. Perfect for those wanting to add a splash of earthy tones to their home. Laying this underneath your kitchen island unit, with an extruding border, highlights the centrepoint for your room. Mix this richness with something a little cooler, like a stone grey floor, and you have yourself a winning pair. The soft, dappled grey of the stone will draw out the bright, warm hues of the terracotta. You could even choose a bolder colour, like blue, green or purple. A unique flooring feature for homes that want a little Moroccan twist.

Rustic meets chic

If you don’t wish to border your dining table, or your kitchen island unit, then perhaps a fireplace or seating area? At South West Carpets, we love the idea of pairing dark and light. Using colour to highlight a feature in the home works wonders. Be it one of the above, or perhaps a standalone bath or bed. A deep grey-blue, combined with a lighter, more subtle cream, is a modern twist on the more traditional pairing of black and white. A choice for those that are looking for something classic but soft.

Taking this design even further, adding a small border of wood between the two different colours, adds a change of pattern and texture to the room. By mixing wood, or a wood-effect tile, with something less natural like a royal blue, you can introduce more natural features into the room. Wooden furniture and organic tones, for example.

The freedom of expression

The unique feature flooring design ideas like the above, bring a new depth to any room, and to any home. A true sense of individuality that allows you to express your favourite colours and patterns that are unlike most feature floors. Our extensive collection of luxury vinyl tiles from Amtico create endless possibilities for you to choose from. Perfect if you cannot decide on a singular design, or if you do not wish to commit to any particular colour palette/style for a whole room.

At South West Carpets, our expert team of designers are more than happy to help you brainstorm for your next project. From choosing samples to deciding which patterns go with which colours, we will ensure your unique feature flooring brings out the best that your home has to offer. So get in touch today and infuse your home with a unique feature floor!

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