Designer flooring for life, from Karndean

Waterproof, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. These are the four main benefits of a Karndean Floor, but in truth, it goes much further than that. At Karndean, the team sees flooring differently. We take a deeper look at this world-renowned brand and what sets its products apart, before delving into how a Karndean floor could just be the perfect solution for your Cornish property.

Who are Karndean?

Based in Evesham, Worcestershire, Karndean Carpets is a specialist flooring company with operations in the U.S. and abroad. It is responsible for creating some of the most unique and enduring flooring products that perfectly replicate natural materials such as ceramic, glass, slate, limestone, wood and marble. As well as standard offerings, customers can choose specially customised vinyl, providing a comfortable and quiet solution to make any house a home.

A bit of history

Established back in 1973 the company has risen from humble origins to become one of the leading lights in the world of both residential and commercial flooring. Over the years, it has maintained a dual focus on end-product and manufacturing processes to ensure that every item sold is of the highest quality – both in terms of durability and build, and of course, style.

Today, the team working at Karndean continue to carry out research into the creation of innovative and ground-breaking solutions, to ensure consumers always have flooring options that are affordable, efficient, practical and beautiful. The resulting surfaces look authentic to the point where people who like the look and feel of hardwood are genuinely surprised to see how Karndean’s offerings compete with the real thing. And at a fraction of the cost, too.

Karndean in Cornwall

You may be wondering how well Karndean flooring can stand up to the test of Cornwall’s outdoor lifestyle. The answer, is extremely well, with many ranges ideally suited to the Cornish market. Their waterproof options stand up to countless spills, of all sizes, and won’t warp when wet, making them an ideal choice for a holiday home or beach house that’s subject to a less sympathetic and transient occupation. They also offer guaranteed durability and the ability to stand the test of heavy footfall, as well as the assault of assorted pieces of holiday paraphernalia.

Another solution that Karndean provides is a loose-lay option – a form of luxury vinyl flooring which has a unique friction-grip backing to hold it in place. As its name implies, it is highly suitable, again, for areas that are subject to heavy use, being simple to lay and, crucially, quick and easy to replace – making for an economical repair should the worst happen.

Finally, you’ll find that a vinyl option that lends itself to being easily trimmed to shape, is more suited to those older properties with their quant, but sometimes annoying irregular walls. It is fully customizable, meaning you won’t end up with those dirt inviting gaps.

In short, if you’re after a stylish yet hardy floor on which life can be lived, be it in a cosy family cottage in the countryside or an ultra-modern residence on the edge of the ocean, Karndean has you covered. Here at South West Carpets, we specialise in the supply and fit of Karndean’s exceptional range of floors, with a host of examples on display in the showroom for you to come in and see for yourself. Alternatively, get in touch via the form below? That way we can tell you all you need to know, without the need for you to leave the house!

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