Enjoy the warmth of wool with Malabar Two Fold, from Cormar Carpets

Cormar carpets

Naturally textured and resilient with a quality feel, the Wool Loop collection from Cormar is made up of a variety of different ranges all with their individual style. Here at South West Carpets, we especially love the look of natural seagrass and coir flooring that Malabar Two-Fold brings to the home.

With all the added benefits and warmth of 100% wool and textured loop pile quality, using quality two-fold yarn, Malabar Two-Fold is available in two popular designs, in both 4m and 5m widths. Before you decide which carpet to bring your floors to life with, it’s worth taking some measurements before you come in store to find it!

Measure your room:

1. Use a tape measure to find the width and length of your room, measuring at the longest and widest points

2. Multiply the width by the length to get the total area in square metres

3. To calculate how much you can afford per square metre, simply divide your budget figure by the number of square metres

Carpet measuring
Carpet measuring

If you’re carpeting stairs:

1. Measure the ‘tread’ and ‘riser’ of one step. The tread is where you place your foot and must be measured front to back. The riser is the height between each step. Adding the two measurements together will tell you how much carpet is required per step.

2. To calculate the full amount of carpet needed, simply multiply this figure by the number of stairs.


If you’re already carpeting another room in your house, it’s worth noting that sometimes you’ll be left with enough carpet from excess cuts, to carpet your stairs too – saving money and ensuring a co-ordinated look throughout your home!

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