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Stop the show with Amtico Spacia Stone

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Amtico Spacia newest Stone Flooring in Pale Grey

Soft, organic stones with injections of subtle, trend-led colour, Amtico Spacia’s newest stone flooring adds subtle beauty to any home. Warmer underfoot than natural stone, but super hardwearing, stone-effect vinyl is an ideal choice for those in need of a solution that blends premium style, easy-maintenance and durability, and that’s more budget friendly than real stone.

So, why stone? Floors made from this material have an appeal that lasts, and when it comes to colours and styles, the options are as varied as the very surface of Earth!

In the Spacia Stone collection, you can choose from three ranges:

1. Tones

Soft and subtle, tiles from the Tones range are available in a selection of shapes and sizes, including Small and Large Parquet for a modern take on the traditional wood pattern.

Each of the nine colours (or ‘tones’) within this range bring a grounded, understated feel to your interior that’s inspired by nature.

2. Natural Tumbled Stones

This range is all about natural character. Tumbled Stones are inspired by the Cotswolds, designed to draft the character of natural stone flooring into your home. Natural Tumbled Stones tiles are available in a selection of laying patterns, helping to accentuate their natural characteristics.

The range is available in three colours, from the palest ‘Kingham’, to the grey-toned ‘Fairford’.

3. Concrete

Concrete effect floors are no longer just for minimalists. Spacia’s new Concretes have soft, grey tones which draft a surprising feeling of ‘home’ into a space. Warmer underfoot than actual concrete, they come in two sizes; for a seamless effect, it’s recommended that you opt for the larger. In terms of colour, that’s up to you – choose from Villa Concrete and Rialto Concrete.

To find out more about Amtico Spacia Stone and how it could be just the solution you need to move your home improvement forwards, why not get in touch with us here or via the form below!

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