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The benefits of wool carpets

Carpets, and wool carpets specifically, are thought to have originated as far back as the 7th millennium. That’s around 6000 BC, when sheep and goats in the Armenian Highlands were sheared for their wool, which was then spun and woven to make rugs and carpets. This time honoured tradition continues to this day, with wool carpets now mixed with a synthetic alternative, at the ratio of 80% wool and 20% synthetic material. This technique reduces the cost of wool carpets overall and adds an extra layer of longevity. Originally, a wool carpet did not stray from the colour of the sheared animal from which it came, but over time this has changed. The colour, design and texture of carpets has evolved, and wool carpets of today are rich in a variety of colours and intricate patterns. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at why a wool carpet is going to be your next investment.

Axminster Carpets at South West Carpets

Energy efficiency

When the concept of wool carpets originated, it was born of from necessity, from a lack of readily available heating. Nowadays, we have the luxury of opting out of rugs and carpets all together, should we so choose. Here at South West Carpets, we know that as energy costs rise, homeowners will once again look to the humble carpet to keep their home warm and costs down. By investing in this option, you’ll be trapping any heat inside your home where it can keep the whole family nice and warm during those cooler months. Even in the summer, a wool carpet is a cosy alternative to tiles underfoot.


By choosing a wool carpet, you are investing in a sustainable floor covering for your home. As shearing sheep is a crucial part in their day to day needs, sourcing 100% natural wool is just a natural process that would otherwise go to waste. Wool is sustainable, biodegradable and renewable, making this a great choice for your home and for the planet. With proper care and attention, wool carpets can last for up to 15 years, which is an incredible length of time. As far as taking care of the planet goes, investing in a wool carpet reduces the need to keep replacing old flooring, and when it is time for a refresh, your wool carpet will biodegrade back into the natural habitat.

Axminster Carpets at South West Carpets

Creatively inspiring

Wool carpets needn’t be bland, in fact they can be as bold as you wish! Carpets of past and present are brimming with colour, patterns and textures, as a status symbol across homes, palaces and places of worship. Owning a 100% natural wool carpet is no different, so this is your chance to explore our range of Axminster carpets and get creative with your interior design. Axminster has been making carpets since 1755, and after a brief hiatus due to a disastrous fire, they once again took to the loom in 1937. They continue to craft exceptional carpets to this day.

Another supplier of exceptional wool carpets are Westex, who have been adding a splash of colour to their stock for the past 50 years. Founded by a master dyer, Westex offers a more eclectic range of carpets, whilst still having their roots grounded in sheep farming from their home in West Yorkshire. Their dedication to crafting two- and three-fold yarns gives them a finished product that has outstanding durability, made for homes that are there to be

lived in.

Axminster Carpets at South West Carpets


The beauty of a wool carpet is far more than its colour, pattern, energy efficiency and sustainability. While these factors are reasons alone to choose a wool carpet, our range of carpets are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are great for allergy sufferers. They are pet friendly thanks to their ability to trap excess fur. They are also super easy to clean and flame retardant. These seemingly simple bonuses really do make buying a wool carpet the most obvious choice. Oh, and wool is also antibacterial! What more could you ask for?

Shopping around for your wool carpet is a process that shouldn’t be rushed, as it requires care, attention and dedication for such an investment. But once you have decided, you’ll be glad you took the time to get it right. Our knowledgeable, friendly team of staff are on hand to ask any questions you may have, and we can also send you samples so you can get a real feel for what your next carpet will look and feel like underfoot. Take a look at our website today, and explore our extensive range of wool carpets, where you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you and your home.

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