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The best flooring for dogs and children

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Wasn’t that a lovely summer? Long days spent on the beach, building sandcastles, swimming in the sea and running around in the great outdoors – what more could you ask for? Well, for those who have children, dogs, or even both, for one thing, you might be wishing that you’d fitted your home with flooring that was better equipped to cope with all the sand and dust of a hot, dry summer! And while we don’t mean to worry you, with the colder months of autumn upon us, and the wet and windy days of winter just around the corner, it’s unlikely your floors are going to enjoy a well-earned break anytime soon. Just think of all that mud!

Childrens Bedroom with lovely dark brown hardwearing flooring

In all seriousness, especially here in Cornwall where anytime spent outside is likely to dirty the paws of our pooches and the trainers of our toddlers, having flooring that’s designed to stand up to the test of muddy boots and sodden coats is key. Having said that (and we have said this before, but it’s true!), that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Or luxury, for that matter.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

By now, especially for those of you who have read our previous entries, Luxury Vinyl Tile really needs no introduction. It stands up extremely well to spills, refusing to warp when wet. It’s also exceptionally easy to clean, unlike, for instance, carpet, meaning you can simply mop up any spills or footprints and carry on with your day, leaving the steam-cleaner relegated to the cupboard. And when it comes to style, the pattern and colour options are endless, as are the brands out there from which to source your flooring. Speaking of brands, here at South West Carpets we’re proud to work with a select, tried and trusted few who we would wholeheartedly recommend, including Karndean, and of course, Amtico.

We’re also proud stockists of the Impressive Patterns collection from Quick-Step, a line of flooring that brings unprecedented levels of refinement to every interior. Impressive Patterns replicates the natural knot and grain of real wood and offers the utmost durability to cope with the foot traffic of a family leading an active coastal lifestyle.

Alternative Flooring

Alternatively, if carpet is something of a deal breaker for you, then why not consider the Iconic Herringbone range by Alternative Flooring? Bringing smart sophistication to your interior, this low-profile, 100% wool carpet is available in a subtle palette of colours, and looks stunning throughout the home. It’s even suited to high-traffic areas like stairs, and thanks to the low profile, hoovering up pet hairs is made that much easier than with other, deeper carpets.

Dog lying on hardwearing flooring

Real Hardwood

So, LVT is a popular choice, and there are certainly some carpets that would be more suitable than others to a household with children, dogs, or both, but there is another type of flooring that’s exceptionally popular here in Cornwall – especially for those looking to reflect their rural surroundings with natural, hardwearing materials. We are talking, of course, about real hardwood.

What we also find is important to those customers in search of a hard wood solution, is the need to source their flooring from a brand whose ethos matches their own desire to ensure a sustainable, greener future for our planet. And where style is as important as sustainability, what better brand from which to source your flooring than Woodpecker?

What are your options?

All Woodpecker flooring is made from wood that’s sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable forests and that’s fully certified to the highest standards. In actual fact, Woodpecker Flooring strives to take its sustainable methodology one step further, which is why the brand has committed to being the first carbon negative flooring company by 2030. Impressive! So, what about the floors themselves? Every Woodpecker floor started its life over 100 years ago, its knots and grains telling a story not only to you, but to generations to come. The most sustainable choice available is bamboo, especially considering that it grows even faster once it’s cut and regenerates every five years! Other stunning options include solid wood, engineered boards, and Stratex – an incredibly strong and water-resistant solution that’s perfect for the modern coastal home. Engineered hardwood, in particular, is a fantastic choice for dog owners. Made with a thin layer of natural hardwood on the top, this material replicates the appearance of natural wood flooring, and it usually lasts longer, too.

Whatever type of flooring best suits your style and budget, we are always happy to discuss your project and help you find the perfect solution for your home. With that in mind, if you’re embarking on a home improvement project that includes shoring up your floor’s defences against the onslaught a wet and windy winter, be sure to get in touch here or via the form below.

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